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Discover Crossing is proof that although change is constant, with careful planning, concern and care, history can be preserved and enjoyed.

In developing this land, we at Lynskey and Clark have invested great care and expense into assuring that minimal impact was made to the land once occupied and cared for by the Lundquist Family. From the very beginning we understood the quality of this land -- not just for its location, but more for the status it holds in the community due to the great deal of respect the Lundquists garnered. The Neighborhood

Discover Crossing carefully captures the advance of progress and maintains a sturdy bond with the past. It's a place where narrow lanes leave trees undisturbed, creating a peaceful arrival and maximum curb appeal. It's a place where architectural control of the building process analyzes each site to insure minimal tree removal, creating a sense of privacy for each homeowner.

At Discover Crossing we're creating a community for those who appreciate a modern rural setting, conveniently located to business districts, schools, shopping, restaurants and healthcare. It's a place for those who desire personal privacy, but welcome social interaction. Discover Crossing offers both.

As you enter Discover Crossing, you're immediately reminded of the legacy of Bill and Jeanne Lundquist. The property is filled with towering oaks. The serene, narrow lanes you drive through are intersected by miles of walking trails. Along the trails you will discover fire rings, benches, picnic areas, overlooks and your own apple orchard. In years past, the Lundquist children kept busy picking and selling a variety of apples to a local orchard. Today, a substantial remnant of that orchard is left as a gift for Discover Crossing families to enjoy.

The NeighborhoodYou will find that we have made no compromises in preserving land, wetlands and water features in Discover Crossing. We have set land aside, insuring residents have an insulation from any future developments. We have also designated land for continued farming. Water and waste service is in place, which is rare in settings such as this.

And of course, there's Wizard's Bridge. A monument to Bill Lundquist's long-time involvement in 3M's "Visiting Wizard Program". Known as Mr. Wizard, Bill stirred the imagination of over 42,000 young people with hands-on science demonstrations. Wizard's Bridge is a magical reminder that you've arrived home. As your tires roll across the cobblestones, the world slows down and the hectic pace is left on the other side of the bridge.

Discover Crossing will be home to only 28 families. Nestled in the wooded forests and rolling hills, families will feel a sense of pride in their home, in their neighborhood, in their community.

This isn't just another development. This is where you come to life.again.

--- Discover Crossing

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